Unlike other professions, the field of law is noted for its loyalty and adherence to tradition. Nevertheless, the impact of technology, most notably the Internet, cannot be ignored. The Internet is an exciting new domain for the exchange of information and the transaction of business. Law firms may not only benefit, but contribute to this important surge in communication and technology.

Binary Information Systems was co-founded by attorneys determined to bring the advantages of the Internet to today's law firms and law offices. Consider the following benefits of putting your law firm on the Internet.

The Internet is an invaluable mode of communication for marketing your law firm. Your law firm’s WebSite will be an attractive, informative, and useful interactive publication. Consider the following marketing benefits:

Nationwide & International Presence. Beyond a regional presence, your law firm will establish a strong national as well as global presence. This is especially important for law firms with multi-state offices as well as firms emphasizing international law.
Reaching Internet Clients. As a participant of the Internet, your law firm will establish itself as an active player in this young and dynamic commercial zone. Along with millions of users, many large companies not only promote, but do business on the Internet.
Uniform Visual Theme. Binary Information Systems has the tools to create a uniform visual theme for your law firm. Our artists can design and create a WebSite that visually conforms with your current print materials - including brochures, newsletters, etc.

The Internet is a powerful alternative to the conventional methods of interaction between you and your clients. Your WebSite can provide:

Client Research Requests
Billing Information
Press Releases
Seminar Announcements
E-mail Communication
Electronic Newsletters
Internet Conferencing

With hundreds of WebSites springing up on the Internet every week, it is important for your law firm to gain the recognition and notoriety it needs to establish a powerful Internet presence. Upon completion of development, Binary Information Systems implements an aggressive promotion campaign to make your WebSite known and easily accessible:



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