B inary Information Systems' philosophy is based upon the understanding that a successful WebSite requires the careful execution of the following stages.


Binary Information Systems offers free consultation to all its prospective clients.

We first begin by exploring the needs of your business and your expectations of the Internet. In this stage, we consider the unique characteristics of your business and suggest how the Internet can best compliment it.

We then take your ideas and goals and build upon them. We will provide various approaches to successfully bringing your business onto the Internet, taking into account audience, image, and the goals of your transition onto the Internet. Ultimately, a detailed blueprint is taken into the design stage.

Whether your WebSite will contain complex multimedia or simple titles, our team of creative professionals has the skills and tools necessary to compose the essentials of a successful WebSite.

Our creative design team uses some of the most sophisticated software to create an attractive destination on the Internet. Through the creativity of our graphic artists, users will experience an effective theme representing the image you wish to portray. As a result, your WebSite will provide the type of interaction between customers and prospects that will make it an asset for your business.


Once the creative elements are produced, they are carefully pieced together. In the development stage, the various pages that make up your WebSite are interlinked between each other and the rest of the World Wide Web, allowing visitors to easily navigate through your company's WebSite.

In this phase, all personal E-mail addresses are established. Additionally, any required forms or applications are integrated into your WebSite. This allows users to order products or services from your business, as well as provide feedback..

A WebSite is only as good as its promotion. People must be able to find your WebSite on the Internet. Binary Information Systems will add your WebSite's address to all the major Internet search directories.

In addition, Binary Information Systems will introduce your company to the various modes of advertising available on the Internet, including Internet billboard ads that directly link users to your WebSite. We will also research the Internet for WebSites focusing on the industry or field your business is in.

Binary Information Systems considers every relationship with a client an ongoing one. As the needs and demands of your business change, we can update your WebSite to reflect those changes. New developments or business promotions can quickly be added to your WebSite.

Also, we will provide any maintenance services your WebSite may require. This includes providing monitoring statistics, updating links, adding new pages and any upgrades necessary to keep your WebSite quickly accessible and up to date.

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